: Effective Sales People

Job Summary
A dynamic position for someone who is free spirited, looking for personal growth and is unbreakable. The position will involve doing everything that an entrepreneur/owner does to create and build a business. The learning opportunity is unrivaled anywhere in the business landscape. This position is ideal for someone who is looking to work with an eccentric, non-conformist, altruistic individual.

Duties And Responsibilities
1. Learning Hubbard Management Technology to expert level
2. Applying the technology flawlessly
3. Using sharp intelligence to overcome barriers and stops to achieving the above
4. Getting results as per targetted time periods without excuse

Qualifications And Experience
Must be entrepreneurial.
Have great sales skills.
A quick learner and able to study university grade materials.
25-35 years old.
No previous training in business management required
5 years experience running their own company which had at least 3 employees.
Must have an unusually high IQ,
Must be a free thinker and have an untamed imagination.

How To Apply
Send applications, with a generously detailed cover letter, to [email protected] but if you are brave enough call 0772829204