Job Summary
Total Is Looking For A Cashier

Duties And Responsibilities
As a Cashier, you will be responsible for the following activities :

Processing customer payments
Booking customer payments done in CBZ rtgs, CBZ FCA & Ecocash
Processing payments done through swipe for all walk-in customers
Clearing unallocated deposits for CBZ and Ecocash weekly
Liquidation of Ecocash merchant line
Daily liquidation of funds in Ecocash merchant line to CBZ account
Matching instructions
Compiling and sending matching instructions for Electronic banking account to Treasury weekly
Raising adjustments journals for any mis posted entries of CBZ and Ecocash
Petty Cash
Custodian of petty cash for the company
Disburse and compiling of reimbursements board for petty cash
Jet invoicing
Tracking of the invoicing for Jet

Qualifications And Experience
Relevant Qualifications

Experience level required

0 – 3 years

How To Apply