Company Description

To modernize traditional African banking and provide world class, affordable transactional capacity to Sub-Saharan population by unlocking capability through proven agile technology and consultancy services for financial institutions.
To independently interface all Sub-Saharan V-Suite customers for never before seen inter-operability in an agile manner. To become a one-stop-shop for all financial service requirements: (


To enable banks to provide their customers with innovative, agile and robust technology platforms. To assist in bridging the gap between legacy banking and the new Digital Africa. To understand the fundamental importance of the marriage between “technology” and “education and awareness”.


Our People are our most important assets
Can-do attitude
Robust solutions
Local presence
Understand customer requirements
Partnership and long-term relationship with customers
Job Description
We are in search for a DevOps (Development and Operations) Engineer who is ready to help us build and maintain functional systems that improve customer experience and bring our business to new heights. As a DevOps Engineer, you will be working in conjunction with like-minded departments such as software engineering to develop and deploy new products and features, manage critical production processes and systems with support and infrastructure teams. It will definitely be helpful for you to be a detail-oriented and a skilled problem solver, because you will also be helping us to streamline our processes—and automating them where applicable.

Duties And Responsibilities

Develop tools and processes to reduce occurrences of errors on production environment and improve customer experience
Perform root cause analysis for production technical issues
Help increase system performance with a focus on high availability and scalability
Manage software releases, configuration, monitoring and support of all production system components.
Deploy new products, updates and fixes to production environment

Qualifications And Experience
Tertiary certificate or degree, specializing in software engineering, information systems or related

Excellent judgment, analytical thinking, and problem-solving attitude

Good knowledge of Java, C# and related frameworks

Working knowledge of databases and SQL, Git and Git workflows

Proficient in leveraging Cl and CD tools to automate testing and deployment

Experience working in an Agile, fast-paced, DevOps/Dev environment

Strong experience with Linux-based infrastructure

Able to work in team environment, multitask, prioritize, and manage time efficiently

How To Apply