Job Summary

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Job Type Classification
Location – Country
Location – Town / City
Job Purpose
The purpose of this job is to assist in the managing of the Distributed Power Africa legal portfolio in a timely, consistently effective, principled and sustainable way for legal issues of low and medium complexity/impact in order to secure optimum legal advantage for the corporation at all times. It also seeks in ensuring all DPA entities have licences and permits required for their operations and ensuring all company returns are filed within prescribed timelines.

Duties And Responsibilities

• Reviews and researches whether any instructions received have any regulatory implications.
• Where necessary attends meetings with and/or supply of information to the regulators as guided by the Legal Advisor.
• Receives instructions from the Legal Advisor. Log all new instructions in the work schedule.
• Researches and drafts an appropriate contract that adequately protects the business’s interests (e.g. NDAs, Memorandum of Agreement, Lease Agreements etc.).
• Record and file all items of work done.
• Assists the requesting department in contract discussions with the other party and ensuring whatever terms agreed are legally sound
and reflect the business position.
• Negotiating with third parties and pushing for a favourable position for the business.
• Co-ordinates and manage external counsel in terms of tracking the progress of handed over matters in order to ensure management of
costs and closure.
• Receives instructions from Legal Advisor regarding registration of a trademark, logo, name, patent etc and/or identifying names and
logos that need to be registered.
• Log instructions received.
• Ensures registration of all trademarks and/or patents for names, brands and/or inventions.
• Attends to issues related to trademark violations of the company’s registered trademarks.
• Co-ordinates creation of the legal library and uploading of all legal and compliance documents (E.g signed agreements, company returns and minutes, resolutions, compliance checklists in a systematic way).

Qualifications And Experience
The candidate must have the following qualifications:

• 6 ‘O’ Levels including English and Maths
• 2 ‘A’ Level passes
• A degree in Law
An experience of 1 to 2 years in a similar environment is required