Job Summary
PURPOSE: Special Economic Zones (SEZs) facilitate transformational high economic growth by leveraging tax and other incentives to attract local and foreign investment to primarily boost exports and import substitution. As such, they’re a strategic toolkit to help ZIDA accelerate broader economic growth for Zimbabwe to meet the demands of Vision 2030, transforming the country into an Upper-Middle Income Economy. The Head of SEZs will play a strategic role in ensuring the delivery of ZIDA’s SEZs mandate in line with Part VI, Investment in Special Economic Zones, of the Zimbabwe Investment and Development Agency Act [Chapter 14:37]. Reporting to the Chief Operations Officer and working with wider internal and external strategic stakeholders to structure, promote, mobilize, and deliver local and foreign investment into SEZs within Zimbabwe. They will design and implement a strategic framework for developing, operating, licensing, and managing SEZs across Zimbabwe’s economic sectors and regions. They will maintain wide-ranging knowledge of SEZs and related strategic issues and provide information, and advice, to clients and stakeholders.

Duties And Responsibilities
• Lead the design, development, delivery, and implementation of a strategic framework to allow ZIDA to deliver SEZs enhancing development across the Zimbabwean economy
• Lead and manage team members and other strategic internal and external stakeholders, to deliver ZIDA’s SEZs mandate
• Provide leadership in the identification and gazetting of any areas deemed to be appropriate for designation as SEZs.
• Lead engagement with relevant ministries and authorities to determine and, where necessary, negotiate special incentives for investors in the SEZs.
• Promote industrialization of the domestic economy through identifying and encouraging investment in export-focused businesses within the SEZs.
• Build key investor relationships, identify business opportunities, negotiate and complete deals, and maintain extensive knowledge of current market conditions.
• Plan, organize, coordinate, and implement investment outreach missions and roadshows to promote SEZs as an ideal investment destination.
• Establish and manage an investment information management system as well as preparing promotional materials.
• Interpret regulations, policies governing investment promotion and provide advice to potential investors.
• Represent SEZs in various fora and liaise with stakeholders and potential Investors.
• Implement Innovative Solutions to deliver SEZs, as appropriate in the Zimbabwean context, including but not limited to developing different types of SEZs including, High-tech parks, Science parks, Science and Technology Zones, Free Economic Zones, Services parks, Green Zones, Safe Zones, Tourism Development Zones, further accelerating economic growth
• Engage in regular research and market insight and sounding to stay appraised of the Zimbabwean economy, regional and African economic landscape, global financial markets, emerging trends, and general current events as they affect ZIDA and the broader Investment Climate
• Maintain current knowledge about ZIDA’s products and services available to investor clients and stakeholders, including but not limited to bonds, equity, share listing and offering, private debt, M&A, privatizations, etc.
• Lead and manage the team, including managers and investment analysts, and other team members across ZIDA, to assess financial information and investment opportunities
• Present investment opportunities, financial analysis, and structuring while pitching proposed course of action in internal and external meetings with clients
• Structure, develop and use financial models of varying complexity to project future earning and profit potential and uses this data to inform decisions and proposals to stakeholders
• Lead, manage and deliver ZIDA’s Investment products and services offered
• Drive engagement with local and international investment teams, strategic partners, etc., including analysts and other managers, to stay up to date about market situations, new opportunities and use this to improve ZIDA’s more comprehensive product and service offering
• Lead, develop and deliver Investments on behalf of financial institutions, corporate clients, investment organizations, and insurance companies
• Develop relationships with clients, and investment partners, including already licensed investors, to expand client network to help further contribute investment into the country
• Analysis and Reporting of SEZ Investment data and trends to summarize findings, develop weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports shared with various stakeholders
• Work across Operations as needed, OSISC, and across ZIDA to strategically support the delivery of Investments
• Engage in Knowledge Management processes across OSISC, Operations, and the rest of ZIDA by sharing Investment reports and key strategic takeaways, tracking, and sharing best practices in Investment across ZIDA
• Follow and observe set operating procedures, guidelines, systems, and processes
• Improve Doing Business ranking as appropriate

Qualifications And Experience
• Policies, Strategy, and Planning
• Investments processing and administration
• Knowledge Sharing and Management
• Leadership, Stakeholder Engagement, and Management
• Innovation
• Government and Agencies
• State-Owned Enterprises
• Local Corporates
• Local and International Developers
• Pension Funds
• Development Partners
• Local and International Investors
• Essential: An advanced qualification in Investment Management, Business Management, Portfolio Management, Statistics, Corporate Finance, Risk Management, Mathematics, etc.
• Preferable: Experience in Investments and Finance, including at managerial level, or holder of advanced certification, e.g., MBA, CFA.


• Experience in structuring, financing, and developing different types of SEZs including, High-tech parks, Science parks, Science and Technology Zones, Free Economic Zones, Services parks, Green Zones, Safe Zones, Tourism Development Zones, etc.; leveraging modern low carbon infrastructure using Clean Energy sources is highly desirable
• Significant professional experience in SEZs, Infrastructure, Structured Finance, and PPPs, including hands-on experience in originating, structuring, and executing debt, loans, equity, SPV, and related public and privately traded structures to finance SEZs and associated infrastructure projects


• An excellent understanding of both public and private multi-asset investment, market instruments and market sources of financing and other sources of funding and risk management in Zimbabwe, the region, across Africa and beyond
• Demonstrated ability to negotiate with project sponsors, financing parties, institutional investors, and governments


• Knowledge of fundraising, corporate finance, due diligence, risk management, and investment advisory in developing capital markets, including in Africa
• Strong technical, financial modeling skills including in corporate finance quantitative, statistical analysis
• Proven strong analytical capabilities, particularly in credit assessment and risk mitigation
• Candidate must have a strong track record of excellence in written communications in English
• International experience working in SEZs, Infrastructure, PPPs, or development is an added advantage
• Demonstrable portfolio of executed SEZs, Infrastructure, PPPs and related mandates


• Client-centric culture, with an ability to effectively engage with clients and business partners at a
• team, senior and strategic level
• Strong background in investment or development banking or transaction advisory with experience in private sector investments, state-owned entities, utilities/infrastructure authorities, and government.
• Ability to manage, support, and mentor the team
• Strong business acumen, judgment, and problem-solving skills
• Competence in Infrastructure and SEZs, Standard Enterprise and Investment Technology, Market Data, and Risk analysis technology is highly desirable.

How To Apply
To apply access this link using your Gmail account. The position remains open until filled