Job Summary
The position exists to effectively administer transportation schedules by coordinating loading activities and timeously arranging for provision of trucks requested by other departments and conducting follows up to the delivery point to allow for the efficient flow of operations in the logistics section.

Duties And Responsibilities
Provision Of Haulage Trucks
1. Receives dispatch plan from Sales and Bottling departments, evaluates and allocates most appropriate transportation in line with
despatch plan for efficiency of delivery.
2. Reads all delivery maps and opts for the best route for the shipment according to distance, time and other associated costs for
efficiency of the delivery
3. Engages verified and registered transport providers timeously selects the most appropriate providers for effective transportation of
4. Compiles and documents the details of the engaged driver or transport Company for effective follow up purposes.
5. Generates loading instruction and documents for permission of the truck to be loaded and loading authority.
6. Provides the transporter with the requisite delivery details for routing purposes.
7. Ensures the right amount is loaded on trucks through the weigh bridge system and physical verification of items loaded for
accountability purposes.
Truck Despatch
1. Constantly checks up with the destined driver to ensure products are delivered to the right destinations and in a timeous manner.
2. Coordinate all shipments for all locations as per company procedure and policy.
3. Follow schedules of product distribution for effective delivery of products.
4. Notify customers if shipments are delayed for effective information update on the delivery.
5. Ensure shipping carrier requirements and regulations are met to augment the security of goods in transit.
6. Respond to shipping complaints, lost items, damages and escalates major issues to the Supervisor for effective customer care.
Receiving of Goods
1. Receive crude oil shipments and sign requisite paperwork upon receipt for effective record keeping purposes.
2. Ensures whether the received crude oil is supposed to be delivered at that particular branch for delivery.
3. Conducts rationalised sampling and ensures that quality control tests are conducted per every load to uphold quality of products.
4. Awards Offloading Authority for crude oil which equates or surpasses quality requirements for quality control purposes.
5. Monitor customer feedback and proffer relevant remedies to valid customer complaints for effective customer care.

3.4. Records Management
1. The incumbent is responsible for filing all logistics administrative records and transporter records proficiently to safeguard company information.
2. Systematically records and retains files for easy retrieval.
3. Capture all stock into the system timely and accurately at all times for ease of reference and accessibility.
1. Compiles and distributes routine truck tracking and products transportation correspondences to the logistics as per company policy
and procedures.
2. Compiles and circulates reports on crude tankers deliveries for accountability purposes.
3. Denotes on chalk board all requisite information for information sharing purposes.
4. Generates and disseminates monthly total loads dispatched and received for effective record keeping and accountability
Contracts And Rates Negotiations
1. Ensures that all interested transporters are registered with the organisation to be considered for business with the company.
2. Ensures that all registered potential transporters meet the requirements stipulated by the company for quality haulage
3. Negotiates haulage of products accordingly with the transporters to ensure haulage costs are contained within the budget

Qualifications And Experience
Diploma in Transport and Logistics Management/ equivalent
2 – 3 years’ relevant experience

How To Apply
Kindly send your CVs to [email protected]