Job Summary

Duties And Responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities
a) Should have a teaching qualification, degreed.
b) Able to teach up to A’Level in the following subjects:
i. History
ii. FRS
c) Looks after the welfare of the hostel inmates.
d) Provides pastoral care, spiritual guidance and counselling to hostel inmates.
e) Keeps the following registers / books:
i) Hostel inmates
ii) Register of chronic conditions and or allergies
iii) Sick students
iv) Students authorized visitors
v) Register of students going out.
vi) Details of students’ guardians / parents
f) Sits in the Academy Procurement Committee or such committees as the school administration may see fit.
g) Reports all faults to the Principal or his delegate
h) Ensures students go for duties, meals, prayers and studies on time.
i) Maintains order and cleanliness in the hostel
j) Resolves disputes and or misunderstandings in the hostels and refers to the Principal only serious cases and misdemeanors.
k) Keeps record of students’ pocket money, cellphones and other valuables.
l) Ensures students dress and conduct is in keeping with Academy rules and values.
m) Conducts performance evaluations / appraisals for junior personnel.
n) Ensure effective and healthy communication with students, parents and staff.
o) Any other duties as may be delegated to her.
• Ensures that when students are leaving the hostels, dining hall for the classroom or church they do so quietly orderly in a single file.
• Ensures hostel equipment is kept in a good state of repair and all breakages are accounted for.

Qualifications And Experience
Relevant Qualifications

How To Apply
Interested candidates should send C.V and application letter to the Principal
Eunor Guti Academy
8 Meldrum Road
Kingsdale, Bulawayo.
email: [email protected]