Job Summary

Responsible for caring for patients in a healthcare setting. Performs direct care duties, including bathing, feeding, dressing, and ambulating.


Duties And Responsibilities

 Provide hands-on care to patients admitted in the hospital

 Perform routine tasks under the supervision of registered nurses.

 Take patient’s temperate, pulse, and respiration rate.

 Take blood pressure and determine if range is abnormal.

 Respond to calls for help and determine if additional help is needed.

 Prepare and serve meals.

 Feed patient and pound up food if necessary.

 Bathe and dress patient.

 Make beds and perform light housekeeping duties in patient’s room.

 Take patient for scheduled walks.

 Deliver patient to operating rooms.

 Provide skin care

 Set up equipment.

 Store and move supplies.

 Observe patients’ physical, mental, and emotional conditions.

 Observe fluid intake and output.

 Report abnormal changes or patterns to nursing staff.

 Develop nurturing relationships with patient.

 Empty bedpans and change dirty linens.

 Report violent behaviour.

 Follow proper procedures for lifting and moving patients.


Qualifications And Experience

 Certificate in Red Cross/ Nurse Aide

 Previous minimum of 1year clinical nursing practice (pediatric or surgical ward unit)

 Good verbal and written communication

 Organised and able to meet deadlines.


How To Apply

Applicants must should send their curriculum vitae and application letter to [email protected]