PLANT METALLURGIST Bellville . A vacancy exists in the Corporate Services Department, Bellville for an individual who has initiative and drive and is able to work under the pressure.

QUALIFICATIONS BSc or BEng degree in Metallurgical Engineering PrEng registration with ECSA and Competent Person certification will be beneficial.

MINIMUM EXPERIENCE 1 year of experience in Boiler and Pressure Vessel Manufacturing and/or Life Assessments 2 years experience in Metallurgy and Materials Application 3 years experience in Failure Analysis.

1. Advise the Strategic Materials Technician on selection and procurement of strategic materials for boilers and pressure vessels Review national and international standards as far as design .manufacture and materials are concerned
2. Advise design officer on material strategies and selection Experience in the field of mechanical equipment and pressure parts In-depth knowledge of metallurgy and applications of relevant materials
3. Stay abreast of best steel mills and stockists Maintain contact with principle suppliers Travel overseas to inspect and release material orders as required Attend tube/pipe/plate exhibitions as required.
4. Metallurgical inspections and investigations Frequent national and international travels to boiler sites, especially in Africa Metallurgical analysis Boiler inspections .

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