Job Summary
Production of an animated video: Local NGO

A reputable organization in Zimbabwe working on transitional justice is seeking the services of an experienced consultant to assist in the production of an animated video. The animated video must focus on the pillars of transitional justice as enunciated in the organization’s strategy.

Duties And Responsibilities
The Opportunity
The organization seeks an animation service provider capable of producing a thirty second animated video that will break down the three pillars of transitional justice which are the foundation of the organization’s strategy. The objective is to decode the transitional justice message embedded in the organization’s strategy into everyday social needs of the people. The video will incorporate info graphics, animated characters and narration. The animator or firm should have modern production equipment and qualified, creative personnel capable of designing creative concepts with guidance from our internal transitional justice team. It is envisioned that the consultant will; capture animation as approved and according to the prepared script developed by the organization; design animation as per requirements determined by the organization (including sound, editing, narration, subtitling, dubbing etc.); record and use Standard English narration and prepare background music for the animation; finalize the animation as according to the feedback provided by the organization; manage all necessary tools and equipment including tapes, DVD etc. The consultant will need to meet with the organization’s transitional justice team to understand the narrative and get accurate data to be used for the animated video; develop a technical and cost proposal for the production of the animated video; develop detailed storyboard concept to present to the organization’s transitional justice team; and deliver original artwork and video files.

Qualifications And Experience
The successful consultant must have the following qualifications; demonstrated competency in developing and producing video animations and info graphics for video infomercials; three examples of past video animation productions they have directly designed and produced and the consultant must use latest high quality animation software.

How To Apply
To apply
Interested candidates should submit an application including a technical proposal outlining the methodology for undertaking the video animation, as well as the detailed work plan showing the assignment’s important activities and milestones; a financial proposal detailing a quotation for the production of the video animation and all necessary costs; the contact details of three past performance references and an updated creative portfolio including relevant creative development work and qualifications. Applications should be submitted to [email protected] and late applications will not be accepted. The successful candidate will be notified by the 29th of May 2020 and they will be expected to sign the contract and commence the task immediately.