Job Summary
Provincial Technical Officer: Zimbabwe Association of Church-Related Hospitals
Deadline: 18 September 2020
Position Summary
The Provincial Technical Officer support HIV Testing services such as Index testing approach and Provider Initiated Testing and Counselling Services (PITC) to identify new HIV positive clients, cervical cancer screening, enrolling new positive clients into treatment, ensure adherence to treatment among PLHIV on ART is high, ensure access to viral load among PLHIV on ART, scale up differentiated service delivery models, ensure the scale up of TB/HIV collaborative activities such as TB preventive therapy (TPT). This position will assist ZACH in creating positive change in male norms, roles, and behaviours in the population as well as in religious circles, strengthening services for gender-based violence within the health setting and in the community; and address HIV vulnerabilities among young people and adolescents. The incumbent work with national, provincial, district and site level teams in serving the communities and clients that are affected by issues of neglect, child abuse, domestic violence, psycho-social issues and case handling and other such related challenges and gathering relevant information about their cases, providing crisis intervention, and contacting and making referrals to other organizations and services.

Duties And Responsibilities
Job Description
To ensure that screening for HIV test eligibility is done at all health facility entry points through Opt-Out” Provider Initiated Testing and Counselling (Opt-Out PITC). Ensure the implementation of a more proactive, rights-based, provider-initiated testing and counselling, in which people are offered an HIV test which they have to actively ‘opt out’ of or decline after being given information and counselling about it. Ensuring all people eligible for an HIV test who pass through health facility services are tested, those that are positive are enrolled in care through the “Test and Start” initiative. To scale up HIV Self-Test (HIVST) as a screening HIV test in selected geographical areas targeting high risk populations. To provide Index Partner Testing Services (IPTS) as an innovative approach to intensify HIV new case identification. The aim of IPTS is to reach the sexual contacts or children below 15 years of the index case (a new HIV positive or old HIV positive client on ART) who have not been tested before. To roll out IPTS model were the Index Case have choices on a range of approaches to reach the sexual partner as follows; Client Referral, Contract Referral, Provider Referral and Dual Referral. To increase male participation in HIV testing and support of the positive pregnant women for better treatment outcomes for the mother and baby pair. Identify undiagnosed People Living with HIV (PLWHIV) using a strategic mix of testing services within and outside facilities to maximize yield and ensure immediate linkage to ART through implement Integrated HIV testing model suitable for districts with the following attributes; Low ART coverage/high HIV test yield, high ART coverage/high HIV test yield, high ART coverage/low HIV test yield and high ART coverage/low HIV test yield. Implement targeted approached to reach men, adolescents and young people and strategies to ensure high viral load (VL) coverage, differentiated service delivery models (DSD), TB preventive therapy (TPT) cervical cancer screening coverage for eligible women LHIV. Work hand in hand with health facility staff, community health workers, community leaders, pharmacy and lab staff to ensure availability of commodities and linkage of HIV positive patients into care is realized. Reviewing to ensure completeness of patient’s files and key registers such as Pre-ART, ART, ESTA 4, ESTA 5 and may others and taking the appropriate action. Initiate treatment to all HIV positive patients in the Pre-ART registers as tracked from way back before Test and Start. Work close with Provincial, site level and MOHCC structures. Coordinate sensitization workshops for religious leaders at all levels and create a critical mass aware of new strategies aimed at reducing HIV/AIDS/TB, non-tolerance of GBV as well as being aware of simplified provisions of GBV laws, negative cultural practices that increase women and girls’ vulnerability to GBV and strategies to address the issue. The incumbent will organize cascade trainings for service providers and Community Health Workers / Mobilizers on the “Circle of Hope” Model. To offer targeted HIV self-testing for men within faith and traditional communities using HIVST kits distributed by church leaders and traditional healers. Work with AFRICAID to implement targeted index case testing for children and adolescents by AFRICAID Community Adolescents Treatment Supporters (CATS) using HIV Self-Test (HIVST) kits. Establish linkages to services delivery models for GBV survivors, community-based referrals, coordinated multi-sectorial referrals and one stop centres. Expand efforts by the church to advocate prevention of HIV infection using a combination of effective evidence-based approaches iHTS, Index Testing, Viral Load, VMMC and refer congregants for such services. Develop and implement HIV/AIDS de-stigmatisation programmes tailored to the needs of men, young people and adolescents. Engage Government, local authorities, churches in the use of community Circle of Hope posts / infrastructure to reach men with HIV testing services men and SRH issues. Build young people, adolescents and men’s capacity in and outside the church on issues Health, SRH, GBV, reduction of stigma & discrimination and risk reduction. Train voluntary / community counsellors – through faith-based organisations, community based organisations, among others – to provide support to orphans, other children made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS, and PLWHA with children.

Qualifications And Experience
Diploma/Degree: Nursing Sciences; Post Graduate Qualification in Community Sciences, Master’s in Public Health; Rapid HIV testing training is an advantage; Understanding of Health Care Service delivery in Zimbabwe; Understanding of the faith, traditional and religious communities in Zimbabwe; Prior experience working in HIV/AIDS Management / Control programmes / Community; Understanding of health facility HIV/AIDS data collection tools: screening tools, registers, clients files and other necessary health documents.
Technical and Behavioral Competencies
Identify and enrol people on ART; Implement test and start; Rapid Mop up of Pre-ART patients; Client tracking and follow up and initiation; Data collection and data review skills; Strong background in healthcare systems to meet demand; Good interpersonal skills; Honest, trustworthy, hardworking and dedicated.

How To Apply
To apply
Interested candidates should send certified copies of academic and professional certificates, CV and a motivational letter in an envelope clearly marked with the position applied for to: The Executive Director, 160 Baines Avenue, Box 1556, Harare.