Job Summary
The purpose of this job is to refuel all generators within set key performance indicators so as to ensure set network uptime. To also ensure top up ZESA recharge units at all base stations so as to ensure set network uptime.

Duties And Responsibilities
• Conducts all fuel offloading connections (i.e. pump and hose, power connection) at the site to ensure safe transfer of fuel into the generator tank.
• Conducts basic generator power supply site checks (circuit breaker, oil levels, battery conditions,) and air conditioner functionality.
• Records generator run hours, fuel levels before and after refuelling.
• Compiles site reports including access roads that require attention.
• Engages casual workers to carry fuel to inaccessible sites, checks site cleanliness, checks site security issues.
• Recharges ZESA units at all base stations and records opening and closing balances of the units.
• Accepts and set off for site visits using FOA system.

Qualifications And Experience
Incumbent should have at least 6 ‘O’ level passes including Mathematics and English.
Candidate should also have a minimum of 1 to 2 years of experience in the related field or equivalent.

How To Apply
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