Job Summary
SALES AND MARKETING MANAGER responsible for the company’s sales and marketing management.

Duties And Responsibilities
1. Sales and Marketing Plans and Budgets
2. Sales management against targets and reporting thereof
3. Brand Management, Growth and maintenance
4. Sales Promotions
5. Driving traffic to the sites
6. Online customers registration drive
7. Managing Special Events – Planning & Execution
8. Advertising – Print; Electronic and Social Media Platforms (H&T Online Adverts, Facebook, Twitter)
9. Identifying targeted sectors- Locally; Regionally and Diaspora
10. Managing Customer Loyalty Programs
11. Business Development
12. Managing Promotional Vehicles
13. Design, build and maintain social media presence
14. Site Quality Assurance
15. Site Feel & Presentation
16. Managing Sales Representatives; Customer Service Officers
17. Customer Feedback, Queries, and complaints emanating from Site Use
18. Identify trends and insights, and optimize spend and performance based on the insights
19. Brainstorm new and creative growth strategies

Qualifications And Experience
Degree (Marketing / Business Studies / Commerce)
Master’s in Business Administration or an Equivalent is an added advantage
• 5 years (Senior Management) – Industry relevant sales & marketing experience
• Knowledge of Targeting, Sales, Marketing and Computers is essential
• Knowledge of project management principles and practices
• Information technology `+

How To Apply
Email your CV to the following address:

[email protected]