Job Summary
A fast growing logistic company is looking for a Diesel Mechanic Engineer

Job Description :

*Diesel Mechanic Engineer

We are looking for a physically fit candidate with good attention to detail for the position of Diesel Mechanic with related work experience .

Duties And Responsibilities
Duties :
1.performing diagnostic tests on diesel vehicles to find faults
2. Analyzing diagnostic test results and repairing, replacing engine, steering, transmission, braking or lighting system components.
3.Diesel Mechanics need to be highly organized and communicate effectively and will be expected to maintain detailed records of serviced vehicles and interact with customers on a daily basis.

1.Running diagnostic tests on vehicles.
2.Analyzing diagnostic test results.
3.Replacing vehicle engines, steering mechanisms, transmissions and braking systems.
4.Checking vehicle lighting systems.
5.Test driving vehicles to gauge performance.
6.Performing preventative maintenance on service trucks.
7.Adhering to an inspection procedure checklist and maintaining parts inventory.

Qualifications And Experience
Work experience
Applicant must be a qualified Plant or Heavy Duty Mechanic – Mechanical Trade Qualification Class 2 or better
Minimum 3+ years of experience with Caterpillar large equipment and a valid driver’s license

How To Apply
To apply send your CV to [email protected] or [email protected] by Friday 30 October 2020